Project: AR Gallery & AR Catalog

Position: Unity Developer

Gallery Employer: Casa Gemela
Catalog Employer: Sweet Seasons

AR Gallery: Developed for the gallery presentation of Luciano Cedillo, a mexican artist. The application uses works from his AKE collection, which is based on Mayan culture.
AR Catalog: Developed for Sweet Seasons, a company in the US which sells fruits and vegetables. The catalog showcases their products as an attention grabber for expos.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • DevOps: Managed version control and instructed the artist on its use (Github Desktop).
  • Audio Development: Integrated and implemented dialogue in 3 languages
  • Graphics Development: Used DOTween to implement animations on top of the digitized art pieces
  • UI Programming: In addition to the menu UIs, buttons were added over the AR art pieces
  • Tools Programming: Implemented a Scriptable Object and Component based system to configure the language settings
  • Agile Methodology: Held multiple demo sessions with the stakeholders for feedback
  • Customer Relationship Management: Dealt with multiple stakeholder profiles during the development
  • Publishing: Published the application on the Google Play Store and App Store
  • Gameplay Programming: Implemented touch controls to switch and squash the products
  • AR Development: The products appear over the clients logo and follow the maker’s movement.