Project: VR Safety Practices Dojo for Elring Klinger

Position: Unity Developer

Training dojo developed for a multinational manufacturing company. The simulation teaches employees of how to identify violations in protection equipment and safety practices in a gamified way

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Project Management: Used SCRUM strategies to plan and keep track of the development.
  • DevOps: Managed version control and instructed the artists on its use (Github Desktop). Tested and deployed the application through Meta Quest App Distribution Platform
  • Audio Development: Integrated and implemented the music and sound effects
  • Graphics Development: Implemented the occlusion culling and character animations. Guided the 3D artist to set up the lights for baking, and to optimize asset topology and import settings for mobile VR (Oculus Quest). Set up a first-person cinematic. 
  • UI Programming: Implemented component based, event driven UIs
  • Gameplay Programming: Utilized VRTK, Autohand, and the Unity XR Plugin for controls, UI interaction and VR hand positioning. Used prefab variants to create the scene elements and NPC types.
  • Game Design: Designed and implemented the tutorial and game flows
  • AI Programming: Implemented the NPC navigation using Unity’s NavMesh
  • Customer Relationship Management: Maintained communication with clients for questions and feedback
  • Successfully delivered the project in under 2 months